where people
can thrive.

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HOSPITALITY CENTERS A place where people
can come together, making
communities whole

Recognizing and responding to change has been the
cornerstone to our success in adding value to assets by
improving the lives of the people they serve.

CarrAmerica is dedicated to creating a healthy mixture of
uses in desirable locations by working together with all
stakeholders both public and private to deliver the best
end result for the communities in which we develop.

Our Center Approach

Our centers are the
heart of the community

We provide not just a physical space but a vibrant hub
where ideas flourish, relationships blossom, and communities thrive.
From hosting essential meetings to fostering grassroots initiatives, the Willard Center is where possibilities take shape. Join us at the Willard Center, where every interaction sparks inspiration and every endeavor is infused with purpose.

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Our Preferred Office Network, the largest global network of its kind, offers access to meeting and short-term workspace across a network of over 1,000 member locations bookable on demand from our proprietary software app.

Together, Preferred and our WorkReady+ Preferred Perks provide a best-in-class serviced office solution for all our members.

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Our Carr Workplaces coworking brand is a founding member of the Preferred Office Network, accessing the full power of its scale while providing onsite individual offices, suites, meeting space and customizable flex-work solutions for companies of all sizes.

Whether you prefer a private office for focused work or an open coworking area for collaboration, our flexible solutions cater to your needs. Work your way, surrounded by a supportive community of professionals.

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HOTELS Functions &

We activate our Centers by partnering with the top global hospitality brands to provide award-winning hotels that serve as the heart of their communities, offering places to gather and connect through events, programming and warm, hospitality service. We pursue creative food & beverage strategies to drive value through increased activity across all demand periods.

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HOMES Homes, Not

We’re passionate about creating more than just houses—we’re crafting homes where families flourish and communities thrive. We aim to redefine the way people experience living. With a focus on quality, community, and people, we’ve built a portfolio of residences designed to embody warmth, comfort, and a sense of belonging. We believe in fostering strong, vibrant communities where neighbors become friends and support one another through life’s journey. Ready to make your dream a reality?

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life better

We are advocates for green spaces, safe streets, great schools and any other element that improves quality of life and bolsters civic pride.

We approach each place as a “Center” in its community, where a complimentary layering of homes, hotels and workplaces are brought to life through events and services to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. A place where people can come together. A place where people can thrive.

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Access a global network of on-demand meeting space, workplace locations and travel discounts that expand the reach of your business while connecting you to engagement opportunities that maximize your impact on the issues that matter most in your community.

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Partner with us to add your property to
our thriving community

At CarrAmerica, we understand the importance of creating vibrant, thriving communities within every property. Partner with us to elevate your existing asset by leveraging our expertise in community building.

Together, we’ll foster connections and enhance the overall experience for residents, tenants, and employees alike with our hospitality centric approach. Explore partnership opportunities with CarrAmerica and transform your property into a hub of community engagement and vitality adding value to your asset. 

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Carr has been building homes,
hotels, workplaces and
community since 1924.